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TomYum was founded in 2017 by Jason and Dami, two experienced tech industry designers. We’re focused on helping startups and fast-growing companies refine their brand, scale their digital product, and attract new customers.

What makes us special?


When it comes to startups and building digital products, we stay in the loop of it all. We've worked at and created startups ourselves so we empathize with your challenges. If you want to collaborate with a team who understands the tech landscape, we'd love to chat.


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Our team is made up of entrepreneurs and tinkerers who are passionate about technology and innovation.

Jason Li

Partner and Product Designer

Dami Dina

Partner and UX Designer

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Our Process


Processes are the key to a successful project. We at TomYum ensure each engagement has a process defined from the beginning of the engagement. This will vary depending on project and company, but here is an example:

Start with Strategy

We start by understanding the 'Why' to what you need by aligning ourselves with your business and its objectives. Our initial meetings always begin with strategy before discussing design. We might even challenge your assumptions, but that’s because we care.

Create a Smart Scope

Together we will scope out objectives that follow SMART principles. We'll discuss deliverables and a timeline that works with your launch schedule.

Form a core team

You and your team know your business best, and we'll rely on that expertise. To streamline feedback and decisions, we'll agree on a Core Team of individuals in your organization that we'll collaborating with throughout the project.


We'll spend time researching about your business, your customers, and the current competitive landscape. We'll consolidate and present our findings before moving on to the design phase.

Brand Direction

We will present research-driven mood boards and agree on a brand direction for the design. We'll then finalize with a Master Mood Board which will serve as the branding reference point for the project. This aligns expectations early on for the visual design which makes for a more productive engagement.


Our design phase involves mapping out the user experience, creating wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and prototyping. User testing happens too. We will work alongside the Core Team to iterate on these designs and ensure that they accomplish the SMART objectives originally planned out. We'll design a system that is scalable to the growth of your business.


We don't play broken telephone. Instead we make ourselves available to your development team as they implement our ideas. We will spec out all the interactions and individual components and provide ongoing support to ensure that our designs are correctly executed.

Launch, Learn, Repeat

Once the product is launched, we'll pay close attention to how customers are behaving and reacting. We'll speak to users and iterate on what we've built together to optimize experience and conversion.

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