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Speakers iOS App




    1 month


    Sketch and Framer

Overview is building a platform that helps event organizers find and books the best speakers for high quality events. We helped the team design their iOS app made for specifically for speakers.

Define Screens

One of the first things that we focused on was to define the different sections of screens within the iOS app.

Onboarding Early Concepts

Onboarding users into the app requires answering quite a few questions and can seem a bit time consuming. Early on we focused on splitting up the onboarding fields into separate screens. Below are some of those screens

Onboarding Prototypes

We created a few prototypes using Framer to fully understand and grasp how onboarding would work.

Modular Onboarding Experience

After creating a multiple iterations and prototypes, we decided what made the most sense for onboarding was to show the user all of the different required fields in one main screen and give the option to complete each step one at a time

Speaking Opportunity States

Outside of onboarding, one of the more core functionalities of the iOS app is the ability to respond to speaking opportunties. Speakers have the ability to see speaking opportunities assigned to them, choose to accept or decline the opportunity. There were quite a number of use cases for accepting a speaking opportunity and sending terms so we designed an experience that was able to address those use cases. Below are designs of that experience.


Throughout this project we worked towards creating a resuable component library. The colors used are based from an existing palette and the font used are based on Apple's iOS text styles which support Dynamic Type