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About TomYum

We are a nimble team of designers and entrepreneurs.

We approach every engagement as if we are part of the organization. Your company goals become our goals. Your co-workers become our co-workers. And if needed, your workspace becomes our workspace. Part of our process involves fundamentally understanding your business and the people who define it from the inside, to inform our design decisions. This is a key ingredient to what makes TomYum unique.

TomYum was founded in 2017 by Jason and Dami, two experienced tech industry designers. Our domain knowledge enables us to work exceptionally well with technology companies, while our process allows us to apply our design expertise across all industries.

Meet Jason

Jason (somehow) graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Accounting and Financial Management. He has over 6 years of design experience and was most recently the lead designer of Thanx, a fast growing San Francisco-based company. Jason's mixed background enables him take both an analytical and creative approach to problem-solving.

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Meet Dami

Dami is a self-taught designer and front-end engineer. He has lived in England, Nigeria, the Bahamas, Toronto and San Francisco. He co-founded a mobile startup and a successful non-profit organization all while in school. Recently, Dami was a product designer at in San Francisco where he designed several of their key features. Dami is well-versed in prototyping and UI design.

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